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Brave Adventures supplies reliable, specialized services tailored to any size terrain, throughout all seasons of the year.


Strategic land clearing methods are used to prevent wildfires near communities, infrastructure and/or sensitive areas. Methods may include Crown spacing of trees, clearing underbrush to provide the thinning out and reduction of wooded areas to reduce fuel for wildfires.


Used for deep tillage, loosening and breaking up soil at depths below the levels worked by mold board and plows, discs or rototillers.  Tree roots, stumps and even rocks are ground up to create workable agricultural land ready for seeding.


Maintaining vegetation growth can be managed with mulching, mowing, and hand brushing with chainsaws and bush cutters that can get a cleaner finish for residential or other infrastructure. Some examples of maintenance benefits are; on highways allows for visibility and safety, under powerlines for the safety of infrastructure, on pipelines can provide spill detection and control of overgrowth on infrastructure, fireguards for control of regrowth/return of hazard.


Environmentally friendly, safe low impact ground pressure land clearing that leaves the surface layer cleared with a course or fine mulch of your choice. Mulching provides the option to leave selected trees unharmed, increased land value, reduces fire hazard, and all while leaving the organic material on the surface to decompose naturally enriching the underlying soil.


Brave provides industrial mowing with high capacity Tractor/Mower combo units and trained operators to mow vegetation on Highway Right-of-Ways, airports and other industrial areas. Hand cutters are used in addition to provide detailed clearing around highway signs and other structures.

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Our machinery is safety equipped to the highest industry standards allowing for customized projects, that fit your needs.

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